Right2Nutrition  Somewhere in India a child eagerly waits for your help. Lend a hand!

Right2Nutrition Somewhere in India a child eagerly waits for your help. Lend a hand!

Malnutrition, as you are now aware, is a bigger problem than hunger in India. It is multi-dimensional in nature. The World Health Organization (WHO) & Indian Government have identified the deficiencies of iron, iodine & vitamin A as problems of major concern.

Britannia Nutrition Foundation has understood that a diet based method such as Fortification of food is one of the most effective ways to solve the Iron deficiency problem. The Navjyoti India Foundation success story (read more - attach link) has reaffirmed Britannia Nutrition Foundation''s belief that intervention through food can prove to be both effective and cost efficient. The fact that the Iron fortification is done in tasty biscuits makes the process delightful for the child and easy to administer for the responsible authorities.

2 specially fortified biscuits a day per child can go a long way in covering up for the Iron deficiency. Britannia Nutrition Foundation can facilitate the availability of these specially fortified biscuits to the malnourished children through the year. The cost of producing these biscuits and making them available for a year''s supply is Rs. 250 per child. These biscuits are created and manufactured specially for this purpose and not available in the marketplace.

The point really is...That it takes as little as Rs. 250 a year to help solve for Iron deficiency in an underprivileged child. Read More

The Britannia Nutrition Foundation has initiated progress in this area. However, the scale of the problem is overwhelming and will need the support and belief of every citizen possible. In a lot of ways, it is as much about mobilizing spirit and voice as it is about reaching more children. Our vision through the Right2Nutrition program is to involve citizens like you who believe that each individual can make a difference. This phase of the Right2Nutrition program will culminate on the Children''s day - November 14, 2010.

Britannia Nutrition Foundation will identify one or more reputed Not for Profit organizations in India who can help us reach anemic children with great discipline and highest level of transparency. The resources collected through the Right2Nutrition program will be passed on to the identified organization(s) at the end of this campaign for use towards this cause.

P.S. The Iron fortified biscuits'' initiative has been detailed only to establish that Rs. 250/- can in fact address the Iron requirements of a child for a year. However, the choice of method to address Iron deficiency with the resources collected will be solely left to the discretion of the identified organization.

we''re already facing a 3-4% drop in our country’s GDP due to malnutrition

I will join an NGO that supports this cause to make sure the kids get the right kind of food.

As a school principal, I will conduct a meeting with parents to create awareness about Malnutrition and also get the school kids tested for the same.

1/2 the children in India are malnourished.