of Relief" is an all natural two

to give fast, long lasting relief of

FLEX-A-BILITY Joint Support is a liquid supplement containing

Glucosamine and Chondroitin, important naturally occurring structural

components of healthy joints, ligaments, bones and synovial fluid.

MSM and Vitamin C are added to boost the effectiveness.

DIRECTIONS: Take one capful a day. One 32-ounce bottle is one month''s supply. Refrigerate after opening. Keep out of reach

FLEX-A-BILITY Free Motion Relief Cream is a unique, synergistic

blend of the following active ingredients:

Aloe Vera is known for its healing properties with over 200 nutrients. It is a carrier for ingrdients

into the deep tissues of the skin. Also well known for aiding in stomach disorders.

Emu has been used in Australia for thousands of years to provide relief from physical discomfort

and reduce signs of aging. It is a natural food product and one of natures''s fastest penetrating oils.

Research studies have documented Emu oil''s anti-inflammatory properties, oleic acid, as a

substance known to temporarily ease joint discomfort.

MSM is a naturally occurring sulfur compound found in every cell of the body. Sulfur is needed for

making collagen, the primary component of cartilage and connective tissue.

Capsaicin is an extract of the Mexican red pepper. For centuries herbalists have recommended

rubbing red pepper into sore muscles and joints. Our cream is a concentrate of the active

ingredient in red pepper. Capsaicin, for reasons still not completely understood, interferes with the

action of Substance P, a nerve chemical that sends pain messages to the brain.

Vitamin C is required for synthesis of collagen, an important structured component of blood

vessels, tendons, ligaments, and bone. Vitamin C is a highly effective antioxidant.

DIRECTIONS: Apply topically over the area of pain resulting from sore or strained muscles, or pain over joints as the result of

arthritic pain. A wonderful massage lotion or cream used by physical therapists for treatment of patients with soreness and

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